\ C.S.F.Club - 2nd International Surf Casting Tournament 1 - 4 December 2016

2nd International Surf Casting Tournament 1 - 4 December 2016

Σάββατο, 3 Δεκ 2016

All the informations For all fishermen who interests for 2nd international tournament, organized by our Club , Psarokatastasis kyprou on 3 december 2016
You are Welcome !!!

Thursday 1st December 2016
16:00 – 21:00 Arrivals
22:00 Dinner for Guest Athletes

Friday 2nd December 2016
07:00 Breakfast in the "Les Palmiers Beach Hotel Finikoudes"
10:30 - 12:00 Arrivals
14:00 Draws for sectors and boxes
15:00 Starting ceremony - clubs / groups presentation
17:30 Beginning Competition for the bigger Fish
21:30 End of Competition for the bigger Fish
22:00 Dinner for Guest Athletes

Saturday 3rd December 2016
07:00 Breakfast in the "Les Palmiers Beach Hotel Finikoudes" 08:30 Departure from the Hotel with Bus to Limassol 10:00 Visit the shops H & A Strovolos in Limassol (Official Sponsor)
10:30 Presentation of fishing equipment /Cocktail
12:30 Departure from shops to the Tournament Beach
13:00 Entry to fishing boxes
14:00 Beginning of 1st part of competition
17:45 – 18:15 a break
18:15 Beginning of 2nd part of competition
22:00 End of Competition
23:00 Departure with Bus from the Beach to Larnaka
Sunday 4th December 2016
07:00 Breakfast in the "Les Palmiers Beach Hotel Finikoudes"
08:30 Issue of results & announcement at board
09:30 Departure from the Hotel with Bus
11:00 Awards & closing ceremony
13:00 Lunch at Restaurant in Larnaca
16:00 Departures

Monday 5th December 2016
04:00 Departures
07:00 Breakfast in the "Les Palmiers Beach Hotel Finikoudes"

For the Committee on International Tournament
The president
Michalis Michaelides

The competition is on single basis and each participant can fish with two (2) rods. Each position will have a length of 15 meters
The draw will be in pairs.
The minimum length of a fishing rod is 3.5 meters and maximum is 5 meters.
Fishing rods must bear at least three rings on their length, and one on top.
There is no restriction as to the number of backup rods that an participant may have open.
Backup rods must not have traces and the tip of the backup rod must not point towards the sea.
Permitted traces in the competition must have up to three single hooks.
The minimum size of hooks must be such as having a 5mm opening from the spike to trunk, and the relative measurement will be taken by a special cylinder to be provided to all participants by the tournament Secretariat to enable them to check whether their hooks are qualified.
There is no restriction to the number of traces that participants can keep baited and ready to use, in no case however should they be attached to their backup rods.
There is no restriction as to the length of the hook line
It is permitted to use on the hook line, attractive materials in such as shiny spoons, coloured and/or shiny pearls, colored floating or other pearls (maximum size 15mm), colored feathers, fluorescent materials etc.
There is no restriction as to the type and shape of leads to be used, the only type of lead prohibited being the ground baits leads.
Minimum permitted weight of lead is 50 grams.

Baits should be strictly natural.
The types of baits will be two kinds of worms which have been tested with good returns and their quantity is the free choice for each competitor:
Fresh Shrimp
Fresh Sardines
The use of strongly smelling enhancing material is prohibited.
The use of ground baits, before or during the competition, is also prohibited.
Use of smell-enhancing materials and/or ground baits by a participant will result in disqualification.

1.- Ruler, with which participants will measure their fish. Rules will be provided by the organizer , free of charge.
2.- A bucket where all fish will be placed immediately after being caught, and until they are registered for the first time. Buckets will be provided by the organizer , free of charge.

All kinds of fish are measurable, provided they are over 12 cm. Fish of exactly 12 cm will not be accounted for. Fish of 12.1 cm will be accounted for, and all measurements will be rounded up to the closest integer number (e.g. 12.1 will be registered as 13cm, and so on). It is self understood that fish of 11.9 cm will not be accounted for.
The procedure of measuring and releasing the fish is the following:
1.- Participants catching fish smaller than 12.1 cm must immediately release them upon measuring them with their ruler.
2.- Participants catching fish 12.1 cm or bigger, must place them, in their bucket which must be near the sea and filled with sea water renewed regularly in order to maintain sea temperature as much as possible.
3.- After that, participants will wait for the person responsible for their Sector in order to take measurements and register the fish.
4.- The person responsible will measure the length of the fish and note it down in the special form, then the catch released
5.- The measuring procedure must be quick,

The tournament Committee consists of five (5) members, and can monitor by one participant from each country.

a) Each measurable fish gets 10 points.
b) Each centimeter of measurable fish gets 1 point. Particularly as regards the following fish: conger,
ray, moray, garfish pike, each centimeter gets ½ point.
The aggregate of the above (a+b) constitutes the competitor’s score.

All participants must fill out and send the special sheet entitled “PARTICIPATION FORM” to the following email address: pcarokatastasiskyprou@gmail.com no later than Oktober 30th 2015.
If you need any clarifications, please email us at: pcarokatastasiskyprou@gmail.com or send us a message at our facebook page:
Ψαροκαταστάσεις Κύπρου Αθλητικο Σωματείο-Cyprus Sport Fishing Club
Our country and the athletes of our Club Psarokatastasis Kyprou Cyprus Sport Fishing Club look forward to having you with us and enjoying all the best of this country and our warm hospitality.



1-4 DECEMBER 2016

For all atthetes from abrout :
Our Club is taking care and for women escorts of athletes
*Sightseeing Larnaca

First we would like to announce the following:
1.- The Tournament will have two Competitions
A.- The first Competition will take place in Finikoudes and Piale Pasha beach in Larnaca Friday, December 2 from 5.30 until 9.30 at night. This Competition is "ONLY" for the bigger Tournament fish .
They will count the fish over 25 cm, which will be released immediately after their arrest.
The award for this Competition will be Sunday December 4 at the Tournament closing ceremony.
B.- The Tournament Competition will be held in the Lady's Mile beach in Limassol on 3 December from 2.00 pm until 10.00 at night. In the middle of the Competition will be a half-hour break where will be offered to all participants snack and juice.
The award of the Competition will be Sunday, December 4 at the closing ceremony of the tournament in a restaurant in Larnaca, where they will be offered food and drink for all participants
2.- All participants will be accommodated at Hotel Les Palmiers Beach Hotel, Larnaca, Cyprus located in of Finikoudes in Larnaca
http: //www.hotel/cy/les-palmiers-larnaca.
3.-Staying in a double room in Les Palmiers Hotel , costs € 23 per person with breakfast

  • Please anyone interested for staying in the Hotel, declare to the President of the Club , Michael Michaelide

Club's offer:
4.-All required transfers to and from the airport as well as from the hotel to the beaches of the competition will be free offer from the organizers.
5.-Free participation for athletes from abroad.
6.-Free dinner for athletes from abroad Friday, December 2 at night
7.-Free lunch Sunday December 4 at the closing ceremony of the tournament for all participantss